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The beginning

Me: I have been a trek fan since TNG, though I've seen all the live series and movies by now.

But I want to LIVE in a world like the one of the trek future. We need to start working towards that world today. I think a global government is a great start so I decided to start the process.

I opened the "Earth Department of Citizen Services". My idea is to start registering people as global citizens and in the future we'll be ready to be absorbed into a world government. I started a website where people can apply for earth citizen AT NO COST, no catch. It's fun and any human born on earth is eligible. It may just be symbolic to register at this point but symbols mean a lot. If I can help it we'll be ready as a planet to form a federation as soon as we meet other races.

If you check the site out you may notice that we take a tongue n' cheek approach to the whole thing. Well I like fun things and there's no reason you can't have fun in the beginning. If 7 billion people apply things would get serious real quick.

I am honestly interested in peoples opinion of my idea. Please if you hate it, take a deep breath before flaming it. I do want to hear why you hate it, but I honestly mean well so personal attacks are not helpful.
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