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Re: Would TMP have been better had they used the TOS uniforms?

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I'm not saying who's good or bad, but I'd say Meyer deserves a "proper filmmaker" credit in addition to Wise and Abrams.
Yeah, I don't know what a "proper filmmaker" is, but I wouldn't put Meyer's or Abrams's output (yet) up there with Blood on the Moon, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Run Silent Run Deep, West Side Story, The Haunting, The Sound of Music, The Sand Pebbles, The Andromeda Strain etc.
Bodies of work say a lot.

Lots of people can draw, but there are only a few of them whose work one might call "art" hand hang on a wall.

There's a reason why Wise was offered so many great films. There's a reason Abrams is offered so many great films now. There's also a reason Meyer was give an couple of minor changes and then never heard from again. Likewise for Baird, Carson, Nimoy, Frakes and of course Shatner.
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