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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

Someone needs to tell the cool kids that math can be your friend. Going in 4 strong against 6 will get you in trouble every....single.....time.

Well she was nice to look at but I can't even remember her name, so I'm not really too chuffed that she was voted off.

The odds of the guy finding the immunity idol, then being spotted with a bulge then being called out on the first tribal about it are pretty incredible! Although people see a bulge in my pants all the time, so there's that.

Brandon is just messed up, I said to my wife that if I was in his tribe I wouldn't even be able to converse with him, he's just a lunatic and no good can come of even speaking to the guy. Cochrane NAILED It when he said that Brandon goes from saying harsh, incredibly bad things and then following it up with a nice friendly comment.

Phillip thinks he's a superstar even though Rob carried his ass the entire game when he last played. I like how the girl is keeping the Marine in her pocket as her Phillip.

So far so good. Me likey.
Ice up son, ice up.
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