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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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OK. If it is nonsense, then some heads ought to roll at BBC publicity, as if they've done a great job of convincing us all that that's all we're getting!
Was anything really officially announced? I thought all our info was just coming off of a placard at a toy fair or something.
That's sort of my point: if there is more, then they presumably have a Clever Plan for Timetabled Announcements.
But in the meantime, other info is being put together and disappointment is building.
If there is more, they're sticking to their plan, and ignoring the thing that always messes up plans: "Events, dear boy, events." Or "Life is what happens while you're making plans."
Hmm. If there is more as a surprise, I think it'll be worked into the regular schedule. Maybe a two-parter with the Christmas special and/or a continuation into Season 8. As opposed to adding more specials into the time between seasons 7 & 8.

Yeah, I think it's better to build up the excitement and give an idea of what to expect (like Big Finish) than to say nothing. People start to assume the worst!

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