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Re: Opinion about Baby Nursery Imagery

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Act like you're some-kind-of 19th century psychiatrist wanting to know the impact of environmental imagery on a person's long-term mental health. So paint and cover the child's room in all sorts of morbid, gothic, imagery that'd make Buffalo Bill scream in terror. But otherwise raise the kind normally to see how (s)he turns out.
lol. I have no plans to intentionally play Mad Scientist with my son's psyche... But... It is quite well understood that infants and young toddlers have greater cognitive function than they'll ever have later in life -- for example, babies can easily attain fluency in multiple languages; a feat that becomes nearly impossible for most adults. I kind of feel like it would be a tragic waste of this fleeting moment in time to fill his head with ridiculous stories about talking animals when his brain is capable of so much more...

iguana_tonante, I love the chalk wall idea. I really need to find some of that.

thestrangequark, thanks for the nursery pictures. I was actually thinking of hanging framed posters, but I do like the mural idea as well.
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