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Welcoming Enemy Ships.

an odd thing... I notice in DS9

In Broken Link, Interm arma silent LEgas, and Wired.

All 3 episodes we see someone allow an enemy ship to travel in their space.

Wouldnt it have been easier in Broken LInk for the Female founder to simply offer Sisko and 2 or 3 other Starfleet officers hospitality aboard her ship... rather then risk GArak trying to destroy the link?"

And yes in Inter Arma Silent Legas the federation and romulans ARE allys, but still plagued with a bit of distrust.

it seems like it would have made more sense to invite them aboard a warbird or maybe an unarmed civilian passenger ship.

To say nothing of wired youd think Cardassians would have preferred to take bashir directly to tain without his runabout.

Just a point on security.

is this just a problem of dramatic license or what?
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