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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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-- In Nemesis, after they divert to the Kolaris (Sp?) system, Geordi turns to Data and says "What do you think, Data? Long lost relative?"
--In Nemesis, Geordi discusses with Data what B-4 would become if Data went ahead with a memory download.
-- Data says "Counselor Troi, please assume command. Geordi, come with me," just before Data leaves the Enterprise. There is a look between Geordi and Data that wouldn't be there if they weren't friends.
In my defense, I've blocked most of Nemesis from my memory. I'd forgotten those Data/Geordi scenes entirely. Okay so, ironically, that's one thing that Nemesis gets right. That and bringing the Riker/Troi relationship to its natural conclusion.

In fact, that marriage brings to mind one thing I'm glad that got swept under the rug once TNG moved to the big screen: the Worf/Troi relationship. That made about as much sense as Chakotay/Seven of Nine.
Remember, Riker turns to Worf at the end of Insurrection and says: "Do you think when we get away from this metaphasic radiation that it will change the way we feel?"
And Worf says: "Your feelings about her have not changed since the day I met you, Commander. This place just let them out for a little fresh air." It's a tacit admission of the relationship that he didn't say that to someone else. And remember, Worf is married during that movie, dating Jadzia during First Contact, and widowed when Riker and Troi are married.
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