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Re: "Terok Nor" and "Millenium"

King Daniel wrote: View Post
I loved the Millenium trilogy. Lots of alternate-future craziness with the Grigari, some of Treklit's most horrifying baddies. Haven't read Terok Nor yet.
This is exactly my situation as well. If you're a DS9 fan, I highly recommend getting Millenium (though not at the exclusion of other things, of course), ideally in the omnibus form. I think the authors "got" DS9 (the characters, the kinds of stories, the dialogue) very very well. It reads like the DS9 six-part post-finale cinematic event that we never got, but we all know we should've. (But actually.)

Odo wrote: View Post
Haven't read it, but doesn't Cast Now Shadow by Swallow also have some Vaughn back-story?
Yup. He plays pretty prominently in there, actually (and, if you've read other Vaughn books, he has more background than some of the canon characters). That said, unless you're being completist, I don't really recommend it highly. It was good, but I felt Swallow underused a really rich canvas he had been given (post-TUC era). I also really didn't care for what he did with Valeris.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
The middle volume of "Millennium" was the one I struggled with. The first book was supported by an audio novel and the final part was a great book.
That's interesting; of the three of them, book 2 is probably the easiest for me. I'm a sucker for that kind of alt-history stuff. Book 3, though great, is, well, a bit complex.
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