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Re: Higgs Boson Mass points to end of our Universe

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Wasn't the mostly execrable film Supernova (2000) based on a similar premise, where the state change was triggered by an alien artifact and a supernova?
Not a clue. Never saw it.

I remember that movie, Something about 9th dimensional matter being encased in a shell that exists in the 3rd was a neat concept, too bad it was executed so badly in the film. That film really had only three things going for it, IMHO. The concept, The visuals were great to look at (seriously, there are alot of space beauty shots in this film), and Angela Basset. (I thought she was kinda hot in that movie). Unfortunately, everything else about the film is a nonsensical mess...
They actually employed a NASA scientist or some such as technical adviser so some bits were quite well done. I think there was a scene showing a realistic depiction of depressurization on a human body. Mostly, I remember Angela Basset...
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