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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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Also, the interior sets were the same.
Their layout was not, though - not in plot terms.

That is, our heroes head for Auxiliary Control Room to read the logs of the Constellation - and they almost walk past the relevant door!

Sure, we could argue that Auxiliary Control isn't in fact a Room but a maze of rooms, but even in that case our heroes seem inexplicably lost. After all, the very room they walk past, the one with Decker in there, is also the one where they finally are able to access the logs.

Either Decker's ship is of a different design internally than Kirk's to begin with, or then all starships undergo constant modifications to stay up to date, and since these are performed at different times, the results are different as well.

Timo Saloniemi
That's not what I see. I see Kirk walking up at a brisk pace, looking through and stopping in front of an open door that he could to decide to enter, once he's stepped over the debris that has fallen in front of it, but provided it doesn't appear to be too damaged inside to get what they're after. There's probably more than one place to access the log. But he sees Matt inside and decides to step over the debris and enter.

In any case, reading something about the ship's layout into their body language like that is thin.
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