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Re: More Star Wars films announced

Although what I think would be interesting would be how they would handle the decades of "Expanded Universe" stories and "canon" and other elements that most fans have "Accepted as canon" into account. Since really while Clone Wars is sorta kinda sticking to SOME of the established EU canon, they're also making up stuff as they go along too. Or simply redefining things.

So even if they go back and do a Pre-OT movie with Obi-Wan on Tattooine they could always acknowledge that Mos Isley was an "armpit" compared to Mos Espa and that's why Obi Wan took Luke there in the first place in the OT even though clearly in the PT Mos Espa was the "happenin" spot" - could also be that if he was trying to stay off the grid, the armpit town of Mos Isley was a better chance, smaller bars, fewer folks around - although at the same time - it almost backfired since it was so friggin small. How long did it take the Stormies to find them? A couple of days at most? That's pretty damn fast for a non Core world.
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