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Re: What's your favorite Borg origin tale? *potential spoilers*

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In the graphic novel Star Trek: The Manga, the Borg resulted from an experiment in medical nanotechnology gone wrong. An alien species under threat of extinction by an incurable disease created a repository satellite containing test subjects infused with body parts, organs, and DNA of multiple species along with cybernetic enhancements put in place by advanced medical technology. The satellite was maintained by nanomachines, which also maintained the medical equipment on board. The medical facility is parked in orbit by a black hole, and along with the anomalous states of time around the black hole, allows long-term research to continue at an accelerated time scale rather than in real time speed...
Sounds like they got it backward. Time slows down near a black hole. It doesn't speed up.

There are a couple of Borg-origin stories in Pocket's Strange New Worlds anthologies: "The Beginning" by Annie Reed in SNW VI, and "Forgotten Light" by Frederick Kim in SNW VII. Although, as a contributor to the Pocket novel continuity that includes Destiny I naturally favor that origin, I think "The Beginning" is an excellent alternative take. ("Forgotten Light" doesn't work so well, in part because it places the Borg's birth world someplace within the Enterprise-E's exploratory range rather than in the Delta Quadrant.)

I've heard it proposed that more than one of the Borg origin stories could be true. Given their tendency to assimilate and homogenize, it's possible that there could've been different cyborg-collective races that developed independently, met, and merged together, one absorbing the other. So maybe Destiny and "The Beginning," or whichever mix of origins you prefer, could be equally "true."

Although I agree, the linking of the Borg with V'Ger is totally unworkable. The two have nothing in common besides involving cybernetics.
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