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Re: Downton Abbey - Am I Missing Something?

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Matthew's son may inherit the estate; it depends on how Reggie Swire's money was invested into it. (Was the money added to the entail? Or did Matthew buy the estate from Robert?)

But Patrick is still a closer heir to the Earldom than Matthew's son because Matthew's patrilineal ancestor is further back than Patrick's.

The laws of inheritance were reformed in, I think, 1923, which may make all of this moot.
Matthew becoming heir to the title depended upon Cousin Patrick being declared dead. If the burned officer could have that overturned, wouldn't he have done it by now? But he hasn't because he's really some other guy named Gordon.

Matthew was the heir to the title, and also the heir to the Swire money. It's hard for me to imagine why he wouldn't combine it all with the estate which was his to inherit, but either way the baby should get the whole ball of wax.
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