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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I like it when I'm not the crazy one.

So in Larry Niven's Ganthets Tale we see a hand shuffling the universe when Krona is trying to look at the origin of the universe... Then in Zero Hour we discover that it is Hal Jordan who created all 52 universes and that had always been his hand in the beginning and... Can someone sit Geoff Johns down and tell him to abide with the continuity of other writers "just a smidge".

The hand goes back to the Silver Age GL series. It also shows up in COIE where it's the Anti-Monitor's hand. (the Spectre shows up the arm wrestle him).

Of course that was then, as was the version seen in Zero Hour, and this is the New 52, so past continuity doesn't matter much.
I always figured it wasn't always the same hand-- it became the Anti-Monitor's hand or Hal's hand when they were trying to remake things. But only temporarily-- if you can use that term where time travel is concerned. The rest of the time, it's the hand of God or whatever.

Basically, whoever is trying to take over the multiverse gets to say "talk to the hand."

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Would you prefer Superboy punching the wall of reality so hard even the Marvel Universe had to change?
Is THAT how Tony Stark's comic origin got shifted from Vietnam to Afghanistan?
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Stark started drinking in Vietnam, but by the time he came out of it, it was Afghanistan.

We've all been there.
Finally! That explains it!

I want to hear Guy's explanation of why the Inhumans wear masks even though they don't have secret identities.
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