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Blu Ray No Longer Streaming Computer Content

Not sure where to put this topic.

So, I came back from vacation and now my Sony Blu Ray can no longer connect to my media computer. Running Windows XP. Any suggestions? I could stream content from that computer before I left.

Dell Windows XP computer with Windows Media Player 11 connected to a Rosewill router. Sony Blu Ray player also connected to the router. Windows Media Player is set up for media sharing. All the video files are in the My Videos folder. Everything looks fine. I even called Sony and they talked me through the appropriate settings. Everyting I've looked up on the Net so far tells me everything should work.

Last week everything was fine. We've had the Blu Ray for a couple of years now. I set the computer up as a media server last year or maybe 2 years ago. We have had absolutely no problem watching videos through the Blu Ray that were downloaded onto the computer. We left for vacation and, when we came back, it no longer worked.

What is also odd is that my step-son cannot connect to the computer through his Xbox, either. He's having the same issue.

Further, we have 2 computers, one is Windows XP and the other is Windows 7. I've set them both up as media servers. Neither of them are working. The Blu Ray sees both computers. Both computers see the Blu Ray. However, when I tell the Blu Ray to connect to the server, it doesn't. It says it can't connect to the server.
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