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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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I said it before and I'll say it again. I don't see why the Constellation's registry number is a problem. So it's 1017. So what? The only other canonical Connie registry we see in TOS and could compare it to is the Enterprise's. All that tells me is that the Constellation is the same class as the Enterprise, but may have been built earlier if registry numbers are supposed to be chronological.
The Constellation may not even be the same class. It could be an earlier model that just looks the same on the outside.
But why? I mean, what would be the point? The producers obviously meant for the ship to be the same as the Enterprise, since they used an Enterprise model kit, and used the Enterprise's sets. They also obviously gave absolutely no thought to the rearrangement of the registry number, other than perhaps to have it be very different from the Enterprise's for some reason, or to have that difference show better on the screen. But there's nothing other than the inaccuracies of the model kit vs. the filming model that gives any indication that it's not supposed to be the same class (and the producers couldn't be at fault for those inaccuracies).
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