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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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-- In Nemesis, after they divert to the Kolaris (Sp?) system, Geordi turns to Data and says "What do you think, Data? Long lost relative?"
--In Nemesis, Geordi discusses with Data what B-4 would become if Data went ahead with a memory download.
-- Data says "Counselor Troi, please assume command. Geordi, come with me," just before Data leaves the Enterprise. There is a look between Geordi and Data that wouldn't be there if they weren't friends.
In my defense, I've blocked most of Nemesis from my memory. I'd forgotten those Data/Geordi scenes entirely. Okay so, ironically, that's one thing that Nemesis gets right. That and bringing the Riker/Troi relationship to its natural conclusion.

In fact, that marriage brings to mind one thing I'm glad that got swept under the rug once TNG moved to the big screen: the Worf/Troi relationship. That made about as much sense as Chakotay/Seven of Nine.
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