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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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Personally, I could do with a bit less of the "small world" syndrome happening in this show.
Except that the half of the fun of the show, and its very premise, is the idea of throwing all these classic stories and characters into a blender:

"Look! Sleeping Beauty and Mulan are teaming up to fight Captain Hook! And Snow White had a fling with Dr. Frankenstein!"

Where Disney is concerned, it really is a small world after all . . . .
Yes, but it's silly to have people from outside Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest constantly having connections to it. Emma is easy to swallow because that's a conceit we were given at the very beginning of the series. August/Pinnochio worked because they built a decent mystery around him, and the revelation of who he was and what he did answered a lot of questions.

With Neal/Bae, I feel like we were left with a lot more questions and head-scratching. What should have felt like a payoff instead felt like a tease, and possibly a clunky setup for future storylines. Was his involvement with Emma coincidental or not? Why did he become an amoral bastard after having seen his own father go mad with power?

Compared to the other big reveals on this show, I just think Bae's was handled very poorly.

And now, we have this guy who was apparently just going to drive through Storybrooke without a second thought, talking to someone on the phone who may also have some connection to the place? It's just a bit much. How many refugees from the Enchanted Forest actually made it out pre-Curse?!
Five stars!
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