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Re: Are the Borg the perfect enemy?

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I would say the Borg are the worst kind of enemy from a storytelling perspective. If you make a bad guy too powerful, then you constantly have to find a way to weaken them for our heroes to win. After Wolf 359, the Borg should have swarmed the Federation with cube ships and pretty much taken it out, essentially ending Trek. Instead, the Borg continued to send in just one ship at a time to be beaten back each time.

Sure, we can try to justify the Borg's refusal to go full-out on the Federation on an idea that they don't think the Federation warrants more than a single Borg ship, but that's really just an excuse to keep the Borg beatable.
Yes you could say that, they always have to be taken down a notch...after Q Who, they were a metaphor for "things we shouldn't know", that there are just some things too powerful for us at a certain state of development and we should keep quiet and lay low...this has since been popularized by Stephen Hawking, who also postulated species that were resource hogs and would have no other use for us. I tend to disagree with this, but so be it.

Then they were too good not to use, Best of Both Worlds basically tricked them with some hacking using inside info (Picard). Ever since then the Borg have only been beaten in battle by two organizations, the humans including Voyager have used unconventional methods in virtual reality, time travel, alliances and so on to defeat the Borg, but I don't think I'm alone in feeling it's not enough, and the Borg could arise for a sequel at any time.

Enterprise used them particularly well in the excellent episode "Regeneration", possibly the best Borg TV episode since "Scorpion". They didn't have to make any excuses, they had 2 Borg, captured a small ship and assimilated it as fast as they could, and maybe if they had a little more time or a bigger ship they may have succeeded. No Federation trickery involved, no taking them down a notch.

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