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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

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Ryan Gosling is the next great actor and putting him in a movie with heavyweights like Clooney (who actually plays a convincing villain) and Hoffman showed how he will be that bankable star for years to come.
He's been around for a while now and he's always touted as the hot guy or the next big thing, but he hasn't really taken off in a big way.

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Fling: was having a discussion elsewhere about Man of Steel and this movie came up regarding Brandon Routh in a leading role. The plot is about his ex-girlfriend who is now in an open relationship and they hook up at a mutual friends wedding. It goes from there. Other than the movie reinforcing the absurdity of an open relationship, which Routh's character mentions, it's a mediocore film. Routh really is pretty good in it. The ex-girlfriend I recognized from S2 or 3 of True Blood.
She was played by Courtney Ford. They're married in real life.
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