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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

16. The Mist: B+
17. A Good Day to Die Hard: B-
18. Fired Up: C+
19. Fling: C
20. Ask the Dust: D+

Fired Up: As far as these type of sexualized comedies go it was just about passable. I was entertained and the emerging genuine love that was developing makes it nice but the absurdity of some of the other characters keeps it's grade down.

Fling: was having a discussion elsewhere about Man of Steel and this movie came up regarding Brandon Routh in a leading role. The plot is about his ex-girlfriend who is now in an open relationship and they hook up at a mutual friends wedding. It goes from there. Other than the movie reinforcing the absurdity of an open relationship, which Routh's character mentions, it's a mediocore film. Routh really is pretty good in it. The ex-girlfriend I recognized from S2 or 3 of True Blood.

Ask the Dust: Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek star in this inter racial drama set during the Great Depression in Los Angeles. I didn't find the over use of the voice over narration very engaging. I don't know anything of the book, I'm guessing that was perhaps a shortcut to get some exposition out vs acting it out. I'm sure this type relationship had it's problems just as was true of black/white relationships. Both were unfortunate side affects of humanity. Farrell's character is very much an asshole to her and she knows he's nearly broke. So her desire to rise above isn't going to happen by being around/with him. It does seem that love finally happens but the set up to get there doesn't work for me. A below average film for me.
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