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Re: Time for my question about an Insurrection incongruity.

The speculative idea that the original Son'a/Ba'ku home system is the power base of the disgruntled Son'a who were evicted from Ba'ku would explain some things. But another tack would also offer explanations: if the original star system lay in the distant Gamma Quadrant, we would know where the Son'a got their military supertech from, and why they are so adept at making Ketracel White specifically when the UFP struggles with the synthesis.

A group of colonists traveling from Gamma by conventional means might reach Ba'ku within half a dozen decades using this high tech, and then be rejuvenated to the forty-somethings we see by the environment. There'd be no going back home for the Son'a evicted from Ba'ku then - or at least no going back and forth. But anybody with a history of operating with and for the Dominion might be experienced in setting up Dominion-like hierarchies amongst the local primitives...

Timo Saloniemi
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