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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

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I think the idea was that everyone was already worried about Bo going off the rails, so this was just seen as the latest development in an ongoing problem. If there hadn't been that context . . . yeah, they might have taken Bo's accusations more seriously.

Instead it was: "Oh no, I knew there was something wrong with her!"
Clearly that was the intent, but the execution frankly sucked. There was no reason for Bo not to mention the impostor's lack of peanut allergy -- especially since, in-story, the opening scene of this episode probably occurred less than an hour after the end of last week's episode, depending on travel time from Bo's hovel to the Dal. How could she have forgotten such a crucial clue in such a brief span of time? They asked her point-blank how she knew Kenzi was an impostor, the perfect opening to reveal the allergy issue, and instead all she said was that she had a feeling. That made no sense whatsoever.
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