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Re: TNG re-released on DVD

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I'm not hesitant to new technology, I'm just not interested in having the "best" quality of entertainment, always. I don't enjoy remastered TOS on blu-ray any more than I enjoy TOS on VHS.

If I had free money laying around, then I'd probably buy a blu-ray player. But, I don't.
This is like saying I don't wear the latest glasses after my latest eye exam because I'm not interested in seeing things clearly or how they were meant to be. Electrocution for you.

That doesn't really make sense. For one, if I need a new prescription of eye glasses, that's a need and not a want. And if I don't get my new prescription that could have serious consequences. Two, watching remastered TOS or TNG doesn't in any way enchance my experience. I've been watching Trek all these years without HD or blu-ray and I've managed just fine. It's cool watching them and noticing the differences, but I could care less. LIKE I SAID, if I had the money I would buy blu-ray, but I'm a poor culinary student. If I deserve electrocution because I'm happy watching Trek on VHS, so be it.

I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek last night obviously, but's not a question of "need" but if you are a ST fan, and there is is an inferior product they you are likely to be desirous of anyway, why not go for the multi-million dollar restoration?? There's a reason they are going back and re-compositing FX at great effort, this is no miminal afterthought, this is a huge undertaking. For another $20-30 you can get the episodes as they were meant to be seen, from the original film with double the resolution of DVD.

Now if you even mention watching them on VHS...even electrocution isn't enough, we'd have to tie you down and make you watch Voyager's Threshold or STV over and over again.

Well at least the covers are cool.

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