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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

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Overall, the last two episodes have been very awkward, though. I don't buy that Dyson and Trick would dismiss Bo's accusations out of hand without giving her the benefit of the doubt; and I also don't buy that neither one would notice that Kenzie was behaving very oddly (especially since Trick seemed to be noticing last week). And I don't buy that Bo wouldn't mention either the peanut allergy or the ice cream. The scripts needed a couple of rewrites.
Yeah, it didn't make a lot of sense. They could have easily just locked up Kenzei and Bo in separate cells while investigating both stories.
I think the idea was that everyone was already worried about Bo going off the rails, so this was just seen as the latest development in an ongoing problem. If there hadn't been that context . . . yeah, they might have taken Bo's accusations more seriously.

Instead it was: "Oh no, I knew there was something wrong with her!"
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