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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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Thanks very much. Was expecting to see something more like the TOS Enterprise. Oh well.
The bridge design was, even if the exterior wasn't...

Speculation: assuming that the Constellation isn't actually a Constitution-class (is there anything in the canon to require this, or is it simply an assumption based on reusing the model kit/sets?), I wonder if April's Enterprise was a member of the JJ-verse version of that class.
My understanding that the intent always was for the Constellation to be a Constitution class, meaning they would have even if they were capable of building another model or sets. Mainly for dramatic reason, this ship is basically the exact same as the Enterprise and it got torn to shreds by whatever this titular Doomsday Machine is.

Maybe that's not a canon reason requiring it to be a Constitution, but to assume it's not kind of guts The Doomsday Machine of its drama.
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