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Re: TNG re-released on DVD

I've been the same resistant until about a year ago.
Then a Sony BD-Player crossed my way at one electronic market around the same price than a DVD player and I gave it a try and bought 3 BDs along with it. As it could play DVDs as well (as ALL BD players do!) - what could I loose?

Watching these Blu-rays and now STNG on BD for the first time i felt like being a person with about 7 or 8 diopters and never put on the fitting glasses before, telling to himself "well, the world looks quite alright like that, what do i need details for.." How silly.

I could still kick myself about how PLAIN STUPID I've been not to use BDs all that time before..

How someone can even think about buying TNG on DVD NOW, at almost the same price than it's beeing released now on BD as well, is sooo beyond me.
It's like spending money for used toilet paper, justifying that with "it's still usable somehow"..
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