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Re: On Board the USS Enterprise

Hmm, I've been looking at the preview pics over on Trekcore, and I'm just not feeling it ... Tobias' space stuff is usually great, but this indoor CG stuff just doesn't look professional quality to me. I guess I'll wait for what you guys think about the text.

BTW, before Perpetual ran out of money and sold their Star Trek Online license to Cryptic, they had contracted Andrew Probert to design new, additional (vs. the show) Galaxy-class interiors for their version of the game. Mr. Probert later put the concept art he did for them on his website. There was some really neat stuff in there, I would have loved to see CG renders of that material. Sadly it no longer seems to be online now - does anyone have a backup?

Edit: Oh look, here's some of it:
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