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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

Who hadn't been in space in at least three centuries. Keep on reaching...
You really don't get any of the "scifi" parts of the movie, now do you? All the adult Ba'ku were seasoned space travelers of the first generation. They had not lost their touch in the slightest - they could even repair Data as a matter of triviality. They wouldn't have been fooled by the Federation's primitive holographics for a minute. Remember that they were more advanced than the Feds to begin with...

EDIT: And let's be clear on one thing, it isn't Ru'afo who breaks the agreement. It's Starfleet by being unable to control one of their starship captains.
Sure. But everybody lies to everybody else.

Just for your benefit, let's recap what the various players think is going on at the start of the movie:

1) Picard thinks the Ba'ku are adorable primitives who are under benign surveillance.
2) The UFP Council thinks the Ba'ku are adorable primitives who are under surveillance so that they could be abducted and moved to safety before the Son'a launch their elixir-of-youth collection, which will then benefit the Son'a and the UFP both. Dougherty thinks this as well.
3) The Son' a think the Ba'ku are despicable space travelers who are under surveillance as part of a scam that allows the Son'a to rejuvenate themselves and to make the Ba'ku suffer for their old crimes.
4) The Ba'ku think they are adorable space travelers who safely enjoy longevity in seclusion.

The Son'a/UFP agreement is based on a lie, necessary because of the discrepancy between 2) and 3). Picard's rebellion is based on a lie, a mistaken "understanding" of 3). There is no happy ending to this fundamental disagreement between the four parties involved, and the most knowledgeable players, the Son'a, would have known this from the very start.

This post is essentially made-up nonsense.
Yup. But my post quoted solid facts. Try it out - it's actually quite fun.

Timo Saloniemi
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