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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

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If I recall correctly I've seen that photo decades ago and long before Photoshop.
So, are you arguing that faked photos are impossible without Photoshop? Mind you, I'm not contending that the photo of Thompson with the Enterprise model is faked. Conversely, the advent of Photoshop (and other image editors) is not a guarantee of realism. Visit Photoshop Disasters sometime. The most extreme examples are when professional graphic artists distort the human form* or add extra limbs, etc.

* For some really bizarre examples, see EscherGirls—women with rubber spines and other contortions.
Photographs and film have been manipulated since the beginning of both. What I meant was that that photo has been around for a very long time and quite unlikely to have been manipulated. The difference is that something like Photoshop makes such manipulation relatively easy (hell, I do it all the time for fun) but back in the day it was a lot trickier. Still if you follow the link up thread you see other shots of the ship at the same time and learn that it isn't Gary Kerr in the picture. It makes sense, too, because if it was Gary he'd be a lot older today than he actually is.

If I recall correctly one of the most famous examples of bogus photography was of film footage purporting to show the actual sinking of the U.S.S. Maine. It was trotted out to the public as live footage yet in reality was a staged fabrication of a model kit in a tank of water.
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