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Re: TNG re-released on DVD

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It seems all the stranger to simply repackage the existing DVDs when you consider that CBS wants to recoup the money they've spent on these remasters. .
I can agree with that. It does seem odd that this will be the 3rd release of TNG on dvd. I probably won't even end up buying TNG until after it's taken off Netflix to watch instantly. And hopefully by then I can afford blu-ray so I won't get threatened with execution by fellow Trek fans.

I've just never been one those people that always has the latest technology or entertainment. I got an XBOX 360 for the first time a year ago, I don't have a smart phone or a phone that does anything more than call or text, and a majority of my movies are VHS. However, I do have a decent 32" HD TV. I only have that because it was free.
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