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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

^Depends on which RPGs you play. The first ones I ever got into were Fallout and Deus Ex, neither typical for the genre I'll grant you but you can't help first impressions.

The only fantasy RPGs I've been able to get on with are the Dragon Age games and even those can get a bit much. Having said that, I did like how DA2 streamlined things so instead of adding ever more abilities, you level up the basic attacks making them more powerful and added combos. It wasn't perfect, but a step in the right direction.

BTW, if you're still up for acquiring the artifact authorization for me, I think my Harb seller character has about 300K stored in the mail box, so I should be able to pay 600 up-front. Best time to buy is probably Saturday. Mid-week prices are always inflated.
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