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Re: Requiem for Methuselah (Spoilers)

As for the absurdity of Flint's being able to actually do this - it's no more absurd than (as I wrote earlier) Spock knowing for certain that the waltz was not only ostensibly by Brahms, but "in Brahms' own hand which I recognize."
Nothing wrong with that: Spock would recognize the hand used in the sheets, an utterly plausible performance - and from that proceed to considering the possibility that this work was by Brahms, in terms of composition. No need for the composition as such to be particularly Brahmsian, as it's merely an additional nuance.

Or, to take another mid- to late-third-season episode, the Gideons knowing how to build a 1:1 scale-model Enterprise good enough to fool its freakin' captain - a feat that would be next to impossible even for a Federation member planet.
That's just from Kirk's POV, though. And Kirk is on drugs for part of his adventure - it would be logical to assume he's on drugs from the get-go, being deliberately made so space-happy that he accepts any crap as solid evidence, falls in love with alien chicks, and whatever else the scheme calls for.

It's much the same as with Mudd's women: the camera shows what the characters see, rather than the absolute visual truth.

And I cannot subscribe to the idea that Flint was faking the ship capture, not because we see it disappear in space, but because that would make Kirk and Spock out to be fools. Such a capture must be possible in the STAR TREK universe if they accept it as such.
What "Ardra" did in "Devil's Due" was plausible in the Star Trek universe as such. Creatures capable of the feats certainly exist, by Picard's or even Kirk's experience. This in no way prevents crooks from taking advantage, and pretending to possess such powers, even when they only possess the power of faking.

Timo Saloniemi
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