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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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Agreed.MSFT is making a ton on XBL, no doubt because the PSN is free. Where Sony drops the ball is on marketing their games. Allowing COD to have a 30 day headstart on XBL is a bad move, IMHO. They have to do more to neutralize XBL's advantage in North America.

When I say PS3 outsold 360, I mean since its release in 2006. They have pretty much equal marketshare worldwide and the PS3 has been in the market for a year less than the 360.... and at all times, $100 more than the 360. A price drop and some marketing would do Somy wonders, but that's hard to do when the company is loosing so much money.

Today is te big day!! Spike TV will be airring the conference!
Worldwide yes, but not in every market. In markets like the N. America and the UK. Doesn't the 360 still out sell the PS3?
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