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Re: What are you reading?

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My niece has taken an interest in Einstein, and astronomy. She's only 6, and now she thinks science is "stupid". I'm brushing up on my knowledge of physics in order to show her how awesome science really is.
I bought an awesome booklet from the early 1900s recently. There are tons of highly entertaining experiments and little party tricks. I could translate a few for you if you like. There are quite a few things that might fascinate a 6 year old (and which she can learn to do herself to impress her friends! )

Btw, you can tell her from me that Einstein was horribly bad at mathematics and his wife had to make all calculations for him because she was way smarter than him.
It might stir an interest for women in science in her. There are lots of very interesting ones - some of their bios make a thrilling read.
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