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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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I've never liked the whole mind boggling swarm of buttons thing that most MMOs and some RPGs go in for. It gets very cumbersome and once you've figured out a good rotation, combat becomes very repetitive.
I don't know "some;" that's like every videogame RPG ever. They're repetitive by nature. But don't complain about it until you start running 16-man Ops.

Besides, that's what PvP is for.

Seriously, the other day I ran a flashpoint and was able to be an effective healer while *barely* paying attention. I was running crew skills and reverse engineering in the middle of fights, while reading codex entries in between battles. Just being physically able to do that is not a good sign.
That depends on the FP and everyones level/gear.

Running T5 with a bunch of twinked 35s is a cakewalk. Continuing on with the same group into Maelstrom, not so much.

And also, <50 content is way easier than 50 content. Even with the free Tionese stuff, hopping into HMs (Save for Esseles, Black Talon, and T5) and SM Ops can still be a challenge for most PUGs.
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