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We can retrain our taste buds. I eat junk at times but I don't eat it as a meal and I don't have much tolerance for it. I have a thing about trying new flavours of stuff and if it's a potato chip I haven't had before I'll have few.. but if I ate any more than that it would just taste like salt. I couldn't eat a bag of them. I'm always amazed people put salt on salads, tomatoes, avocado, eggs.. these things taste quite salty to me just as they are. But we've gotten so used to the taste of salt they don't taste right without it. Our base "just right" level (or bliss as the article said) with salt is waaaay too high. I think you're right to wean yourself off realistically with some carefully chosen treats still, in my experience if people just give up everything they have big lapses. Allow yourself a few chips, and then that craving is done for the day.

btw I'm not wanting to come across here as some food finger wagger. I think I've got it easy in the healthy eating game because I don't have as much stacked against me as some do. I was raised in a health food house as I said in the beginning of the thread so food facts/suspicion and thinking about labels is just second nature. I live in a country whose diet seems to be far less based on processed and fast food than the US and where making things from scratch is the norm. I don't have a sweet tooth and I can't remember ever craving desserts etc.. so though I do eat certain sweets I don't care if I don't and find it easy not to. All of which is just the luck of the draw and genetics.

The reason I do post in this thread (not even being a veggie) is that a. I am a "foodie" person and this is the thread with real food as opposed to the US junk food/chain restaurant (same as junk food) discussions that food talk usually ends up being about here and b. that I do care about people's diets. I hate seeing how badly people eat (reading the dinner/eating threads) on a daily basis. I think it's FANTASTIC to read your story of taking your health in your own hands and getting great results. And not only that, enjoying it! It has encouraged me to be more mindful about my own diet and I've thought of this thread a few times while making choices. There are always delicious good choices to be made Even though as this point in my life I have no health problems I always think, how the fuck do I know what's going on in there? What's sticking to my arteries? Why wait to make good choices when a doctor says to, which frankly is something we will ALL HEAR ONE DAY. Just do it now I reckon.

My god I've waffled on.. well the reason I feel I need to justify and/or apologize for possible food finger wagging is how I was raised, where everything you put in your mouth was an ideological statement. I do not want to be that person and I have a voice in my head whispering that's what I sound like whenever I say anything vaguely food lectury or factish.

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