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Re: Do you believe there is someone for every person?

Kestra wrote: View Post
There are plenty of good people out there, with internet.
You should put that on a t-shirt. So many people would buy it.

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bigdaddy wrote: View Post
Maybe, but they might live 10,000 miles away and you will never meet.
That's what the internet is for!
I thought the Internet was for porn, fanfiction, and the inevitable crossover of the two.

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what happens when your someone...dies?
Only you can decide for yourself what comes after that, because advice will only get you so far. People are quick to say you can't stay stuck in the past, but what they never realize is that the past is as much a part of you who you are as any thing else. You can try to ignore it, forget about it, and even move past it, but you can never really get away from it, because the past brought you where to where you are right now. Without it, you're half a person.

That person that is gone, no matter how far you move on, they're always going to be there. I know.

In April, it will be seven years since I lost the woman I was madly in love with. She was the one and I felt lucky to have found her so early in life. She died of ovarian cancer and I continue to love her now as strongly as I did then.

Weeks will pass and I won't think of her at all. Then I'll see something that reminds me of her or hear a song, and she's right back there in my mind again for days...unitl the thought slowly passes. Oddly, I forgot her birthday this year, so maybe she's slipping further away. A good thing? I felt bad afterwards, but not so bad that it brought me down.

I haven't dated anyone since her,(not that I dated anyone before her has never been high on my list of priorities) almost begrudging the idea that someone could take her place. I acknowledge the fact I am alone...I get lonely, though I've always been independent, a loner if you will. I have no trouble keeping busy and entertaining myself. But I actively decided at some point not to date. I see my friends with their girlfriends, and wives, and now children, moving on with their lives and I can't help but think about the life I might have had, had things been different.

But on the other hand, I look at their lives and I don't want any of that, at least parts of it. Companionship is great, but I have no interest in having children. I know I'm not parent material, because I'm selfish...I like doing what I want with my time and get annoyed at things and people that interrupt whatever it is I'm doing. That's not a good parent, so better to make the call now and let my brothers shoulder the burden of fathering all those grand-kids and carrying on the family name.

It's gotten to the point now though where I no longer get invited to some group events with my friends because It's a couples night and I would be the lone single participant. We've even pointed this out to each other. Ok, understandable. The thing is though, I don't care about being the third wheel when there is a group of six people going to see a movie because I just want to hang out with my friends, but that's ok. You go ahead and see that movie. I've got work to do anyway. As you can probably tell, I'm not bitter at all.

So what does all this mean. Obviously, I have problems. Obviously. Beyond that? I have no idea. I really don't. Life is the worst RPG ever. The learning curve is far too aggressive, it takes too long to level up, and I ave yet to come across a single save point.

Human relationships are over rated. Buy a cat. they're far less work, generally fun to be around, sometimes...and the internet loves them. What more do you need, other than more sci-fi and snacks.

Also, I suck at advice. Don't listen to anything I say about anything.
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