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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Well the article is out of date somewhat given that the English team involved was Liverpool and the weren't actually involved. It was the opposition.

I think my first thought is that I'm not surprised, although given more recent stories it seems it's at its worst in China, which has seen countless players/officials banned for life in recent days (apparently an entire team really obviously contrived to score an own goal).

It's always struck me as an odd sport to fix, not like boxing where you can 'take a dive' I mean even if the keeper's in on it and lets soft goals in, this doesn't preclude the rest of the team playing well and still winning. A lot of the cannier fixing seems to be related to spot betting on things like the time of a first corner/throw in etc.

Sadly the rise in gambling nowdays just makes it all the more likely. I'm literrally horrified at how dereggulated the industry in the UK seems to be now (thanks to Labour when in power) and I wonder what the stats say about the numer of people now with gambling addiction compared with before. Plus it makes me hate Ray Winston...
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