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Re: Higgs Boson Mass points to end of our Universe

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The alternate destructo-universe definitely needs a cool name.
I shall call it "bullshit."


But since the scientific hocus-pocus that is the Higgs Boson is entirely immaterial for anything RESEMBLING practical applications of physics, the concept itself -- and the "death by alternate universe" theory -- shall be logged on my library under the heading "Quantum Bullshit."
Well, I disagree somewhat with their conclusion. My Excel spreadsheet of the Higgs mass clearly indicates that the new universe, instead of destroying our own, will actually modify the Higgs field and boson-boson interactions in such a way as to give us telekinesis, visions of the future, and probably self-teleportation depending on whether the new-universe electrons have a fractional or integer spin. On the downside we'll have to defeat the orcs again.


So like me, you think even von Daniken and Velikovsky wouldn't be associated with such wildly speculative nonsense based on a few rough observations of a particle that's been a fundamental part of the universe since its inception.
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