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Re: Going Veggie

teacake wrote: View Post
I think it's a huge encouragement to think about what we eat! Our tastes buds have been trained by people who want us to purchase products, not food.
Yep. To be honest, the first week I switched over to being Veggie, it wasn't the meat that gave me trouble. On that front, I didn't have a single craving. The problem was the junk food. I like potato chips, pretzels, cheese popcorn, all of these salty foods that have lots of fat and carbohydrates as well, and it was damn near impossible for me to cut back on them. I still allow myself a small serving of potato chips (low salt, low fat) every day until I either completely wean myself off of them, or find a better, truly healthier alternative.

The baby carrots thing, though? Totally there. I love baby carrots. They have a nice satisfying crunch while being juicy at the same time. I don't need anything with them, just a handful of baby carrots taste great.

Still, it's almost insidious to see what is produced to get us eating. It started out as "give them what they want", and evolved into "give them what we entice them to want", finally becoming "just chemically force their bodies to demand our product, and then sell it to them". It's almost like a drug! Actually, that would be a drug!

Remember the episode of DS9 "Rules of Acquisition", where the (female) Ferengi waiter, Pel, convinces Quark to sell sand peas that, when mixed in with food, make people want to reflexively take a drink? The same motive and principle applies here, but it's in more than just one restaurant, or in one type of food. It's spread across every type of food that has any level of processing in it whatsoever.
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