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Dorian Thompson
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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Finally caught the episode. Working nights is a bitch.

I'm such a sucker. I just loved the stoic, manly nod between Rick and Daryl after Daryl stuck that walker through the head to save Rick in the nick of time. Future bromance born. Stoic and quite, but bromance nonetheless.

Merle's gonna be piiiiiiiiiiiiiised. The "sissy" sheriff holding sway over his little brother and worse yet, his baby brother respecting the sissy sheriff is NOT going to sit well with Merle and his big macho ego. What was that he said about him and Daryl originally planning to rob the camp back in the day? He'll save that for when he thinks Daryl's turned on him for good. Great three pronged dynamic being drawn between him, Daryl and Rick. And the writers plausibly got Merle back to the prison! No way our interpid group would shut Merle out with walkers storming the fence and Daryl right there.

Andrea, Andrea, poor misguided woman. I shake my head. She isn't a bad person in and of herself, but her taste in men leaves a great deal to be desired. Too bad she isn't the leader of Woodbury herself. She'd do better were she not distracted by romance.

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