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Re: Messing with Kirk's Mind

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The non-canon novel, Strangers From the Sky, makes use of this very subject.

For those who have never read it, SFTS deals with Admiral Kirk, in that nebulous time between ST:TMP and TWOK, reading a 'current' hot novel of the time, starts having nightmares after reading it. More specifically, the nightmares have him realistically involved in the events of the 'novel - which is about a accidental....and unofficial first contact with the Vulcans, which supposedly happened 200 years prior to his present, and a 100 years prior to the 'official' first human/Vulcan contact. The nightmares frighten Kirk so much, he actually 'runs away' from his duties as Admiral, in search of spiritual relief. Meanwhile, Spock is with the ENT on a training cruise, has read the book, and is having basically the same problem.

They eventually find Kirk, and have him 'under observation'. The psychiatrist observing him happens to mention the many, many times Kirk's mind has had things happen to it - mind melds, takeovers, body switching, etc. She is about to send Kirk to Elba II - as a patient, when Spock shows up - with the same symptoms.

A book worth looking up!
I never heard of that one; sounds interesting.

If we're bringing in non-canon material, I could cite a fondly remembered short story called "Mind Sifter" in STAR TREK: THE NEW VOYAGES (1976). Kirk's brain takes a wallop in that one, too.
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