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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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The mistakes are not just restricted to TV series. For example, near the end of TMP, Spock and McCoy are wearing each others field jackets. McCoy's field jacket has the green stripe (for medical division [or science division, medical branch, if you prefer]) and Spock's field jacket has the orange stripe (for science division).

Here is the mistake courtesy of trekcore.

Here is a link to information about the Starfleet Uniforms from TMP courtesy of Memory-Alpha.

Navigator NCC-2120 USS Entente

I never noticed that. Now that you mention it, the jacket is too short on Nimoy and too long on Kelley. That's pretty dumb.

But I could have watched TMP a thousand times and never picked up on the color coding. It was too small on the uniform, and the film itself doesn't inspire me enough to bother studying its details.
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