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Re: The Constellation's registry number

We all sometimes lose sight of the fact that Star Trek was just a TV show, produced to (1) entertain viewers so they (2) tuned in regularly and thus (3) were more amenable to buying the sponsor's products and (4) made the sponsors, network, studio and the production team richer.

While Star Trek did do an admirable job of trying to maintain continuity by creating a "history of the future" as the series went along, it was never fully concerned with details like we're discussing here... probably because they could have never envisioned a group of passionate people such as ourselves ever caring about such minutae.

As GR himself wrote in "The Making of Star Trek," if they had taken the time to think all the small details through, Star Trek would have debued in 1980, not Sept of 1966 as they were selected by NBC to do.
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