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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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Then again, the writers did tease us for most of a season with a mysterious box that turned out to have a piece of paper in it saying "I know you're Baelfire".
Yeah, that was, umm...

I would have even rather it said "I know who your father is..." to make it a little more ominous/mysterious.

But hmmm... "HER"... who major haven't we seen yet? Can't be Maleficent or Evil Queen or Queen of Hearts as we've seen them all... maybe Ursula? Cruella? Madam Mim? Or maybe HER is a princess run amok? Ariel? Tiana? Jasmine? Rapunzel?
Or she's just his wife/girlfriend/sister/whatever so that he can be talking to someone about what he's seen, rather than to himself, which would be weird.
I have a feeling if that were the case they would have just come up with a name or wouldn't have made such a point of focusing on the caller ID saying "HER". There is a chance it's nothing, but I doubt it.
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