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Re: Higgs Boson Mass points to end of our Universe

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The alternate destructo-universe definitely needs a cool name.
I shall call it "bullshit."

Because after spending billions of dollars to manufacture a gigantic particle accelerator for basically the specific purpose of investigating this one particle whose existence hadn't even been confirmed yet and whose discovery changes virtually nothing meaningful about physics either way, the theory has become indistinguishable from bullshit.

Cosmology and particle physics have both, IMO, turned the corner into a neighborhood that used to be dominated by theologians: they're used to having people believe them without question, even when their theories (like this one, for example) are borderline absurd. Naturally, this is all predicated on a device that only a handful of people in the world have access to and that only a small percentage of THEM are in any way qualified to operate (what are you gonna do, build your OWN hadron collider and find out for yourself?), so even if the theory is even partially based on REAL findings, there is ZERO chance that anyone in the world will ever be able to call them on it.

But since the scientific hocus-pocus that is the Higgs Boson is entirely immaterial for anything RESEMBLING practical applications of physics, the concept itself -- and the "death by alternate universe" theory -- shall be logged on my library under the heading "Quantum Bullshit."
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