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Re: why so many unfavourable comments about Bareil?

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Bareil was such a creep. Not in like a Jerry Sandusky way, but just the way he talked made me feel really uncomfortable.
I've been thinking more about this, and I think I've figured it out (at least for why he's creepy to me).

I think it's because when he and Kira first start to spend time together, it's framed as a spiritual retreat, with him as her priest, essentially. So she agrees to go to his monastery and explore the gardens and stuff, and suddenly he's coming onto her, but in a sort of subdued way, where his tone suggests he's up to something, but his words pretend like he's still acting as her religious advisor, and that's just creepy and manipulative.

And what makes it more awkward is that it's not really clear at first if she's into it. She's obviously intrigued, but also confused and uncomfortable. I understand that he probably already had the naked orb vision before he came to the station, and realized it was the will of the prophets that they get together, but to anyone not privy to the prophets' intentions, he's just a creepy priest using his position of trust to get in a woman's pants.

I love when they meet Winn at the monastery and he says, "Major Kira is here to explore her pagh," and Winn's face is like, "Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days?"

Anyway, I don't have a problem with their later relationship, but for the first couple episodes, it feels like he has all the power and is taking advantage of her a bit.
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