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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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A question just occurred to me. In the original trilogy, the order that Obi-Wan Kenobi had belonged to was referred to as the Jedi Knights. That's how I grew up thinking of them. But now it seems to me that they're just called the Jedi or the Jedi Order or something. Has the "Jedi Knight" usage fallen out of favor?
It would seem so.

That reminds me of something else sorta related: the various uses of the term "master." I believe Barriss Offee addressed Anakin as "master" in front of the elevator, even though she's not his Padawan, and Anakin was never a Jedi Master.
I thought she said Masters, plural. She was addressing both Anakin and Asoka. It struck me because I didn't know or forgot Asoca was no longer a Padawan. Or, maybe she still is.

I never took Knight to be a specific title distinct from Master. I always understood that a Padawan graduates to Knighthood. My impression is that all Jedi Masters are Knights, but not all Knights are Masters.

Of course, I could be mistaken. I haven't read any EU since Kevin J. Anderson's first novel.

Master is used by 3PO when talking to Luke. But that's not quite the same as Master Yoda. As a matter of fact, I always took it that a Jedi Master was someone that trained Jedi. So, that goes back to my earlier statement. Some Jedi Knights do not train pupils. In my mind, they would not be Masters.
Good point. Master could be used in different senses in different contexts at different times.

And you're absolutely right about Barriss Offee saying "Masters" in the plural. I cranked the volume and ran it with CC, and she says "Masters". But Anakin is a Knight and Ahsoka is still a Padawan, so it must be something like you say, perhaps a generic honorific that could apply to anyone.

Frankly, the whole Jedi rank thing seems a little dodgy to me. Just in terms of basic vocabulary, you would think that only a "master" could have an "apprentice", wouldn't you. The OT was so much clearer.
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