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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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I don't get why I'm hitting this wall of rudeness here about a simple, harmless question. Have I somehow unintentionally infringed upon an issue that's emotionally loaded for Star Wars fans or something?
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His reply addressed what I was talking about, not what you were.
Why are you treating this like a competition? It's not like I hijacked your conversation. I'm the one who initially brought up the point that "Jedi Knight" seemed to be used less in modern SW productions. I'm just wondering a) if that really is the case and b) why, in real life, the change in usage might have happened. Maybe you got the answer to what you were talking about, and that's fine for you, but it would be nice if I could get some responses to my fairly simple questions too.
No, Christopher, I'm not treating this like a competition. I was simply clarifying what context those remarks were made in, because it's unfair to say that someone's reply is in error when it's not.

And no one's hijacked anyone's conversation. If you think that that's happening, that's just bizarre. Ditto for rudeness. It's, frankly, rude to insinuate that there is rudeness, especially when people—including me—really are trying to talk with you and address the points that you want to talk about, in addition to their own.

Maybe you're not getting replies that are meaningful to you on the points you're trying to address, but that's not from people not trying. I thought I understood what you were talking about in the first place, but evidently not.

Even so, as for your (a) and (b) issues, if you will care to reread my posts, I've been trying to address your questions all along, including—if not especially—in my immediately previous post.

Yes, I've noticed that Knights are mentioned less, but I haven't data-mined TCW transcripts to count occurrences, and I'm not going to. Besides, how do you measure many vs. few relative to the OT, when there are only 6+ hours of OT vs. I don't know how many hours of PT/TCW.

But as I basically suggested in my immediately previous post, there would naturally be [in some sense] sparse mentioning of Knights in TCW relative to the OT, since almost none of the main Jedi characters in TCW have the rank of Knight, but in ANH apparently all Jedi were considered Knights.
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